Antique Armchair Tub Chair, and Stool

A 1930s armchair recently re-upholstered with a matching stool. Extremely comfortable.

Item Measurements

80 cms x 80 cms and 80 cms high.
Price $150


Two Couches, Sofas, Settees Suede Style

Two sofas finished in microsuede, in good useable condition, One is 1.5 metres and the other is 2.0 metres.

Please note that the creases visible in the back cushions could be ironed out as the inserts are removeable.

Item Measurements

Couch 1. 210 cms x 90 cms deep and 70 cms high.

Couch 2. 150 cms wide x 90 cms deep and 70 cms high.


470 for two.