School house Courtroom Old Style Light Suspended Pendant Antique Vintage

We have some of these timeless light fittings from the early 1900’s. The early days of electricity. These units with their copper galleries are one of the few ceiling lights that have stood the test of time and can suit Antique, Modern, Industrial or Provincial interiors. Or if like most of us, you are not decorating in a defined style but rather the place you call home.

Item Measurements

Approx. 40 cm wide and 40 cm high from the base to the top of the hook.

Price A$147

Lakeside Window 21st July 2013. Medical cabinet sold

An interesting reporter’s desk in English oak and dating back close to 100 years to the 1920’s $385. On top a reproduction medical cabinet with one glass shelf and lock, Equally useful for scientific instruments, fragile models or a tray of vanilla slices. You really need that security lock for the last suggestion $238.Now sold. Also visible is a large waste paper basket from France $149 (originally for harvesting potatoes) and an even larger silver framed mirror for $445. The cream coloured Planet lamp is $189 and perhaps rarest of all is the Japanese ice shaver from the late 1800’s for $790. Images