Thonet Bentwood Rocking Chair Cane

A genuine bentwood rocking chair made by Thonet. Featuring fresh laced cane and complete. The frame will require some attention (tightening) however it is all there. The restoration expense is normally in the recaning, which can easily in our experience, run to $250 plus per panel.

Item Measurements

80 cm wide x 100 cm deep and 80 cm high (to be checked).

Price A$295

Bentwood Chairs. Sold.

Two similar bentwood chairs from the early 1900’s. Identical backs but two different seats. Gosh we have difficulty pronouncing the generic name for this style of chair, we have heard about three different versions of the name Thonet, each one claiming to be correct. Next time we have the chance we must ask a real German speaker. It is fascinating to reflect that Thonet ¬†had shipped over 1,000,000 chairs in flat packed form before ¬†outbreak of the First World War. $95 each.Image