Antique Chest of Drawers Victorian Storage 19th Century Timber

Item Description

From the late 1800’s this Victorian antique chest of drawers is finished in authentic mahogany veneer. Entirely useable this chest has been doing its job for 100 years and would benefit from restoration at some time in the future. At this price it offers an affordable introduction to the world of beautiful and practical antique furniture.

Item Measurements

100 cms wide, 43 cms deep and 110 cms high. Price A$220

Arts and crafts Sideboard

Photos 30.03.13 006

A rather unusual small sideboard, hall cupboard or even tv/hifi stand in English oak. It is 100cms wide and 46 cms deep. There is a 1mm gap between two of the three top planks that is not shown in this photograph. Standing at just under a metre high the choice of timber and brass work are all trademarks of this somewhat oddly named period of English inspired furniture. Commonly regarded as stemming originally from the workshops of William Morris in the late 1800’s, the pieces are an attempt to recreate the qualities of the artisan work of the Elizabethan period. Hence the use of English oak and substantial brass or iron metalwork. Sadly or perhaps romantically it was not a great commercial success as the standard of work and materials often resulted in relatively high retail prices. That would be in comparison to the factory produced items of the (by that time) well established Industrial Age.
It seems a little tawdry in light of all that to mention money. Nonetheless may we mention that $245, is the amount required here.