Lakeside window Saturday Night

Bristol blue glass lamp $195. French extension table $1320 Chinese laquered cabinet $290. Chandelier from Paris $995.


French Table and Chairs

Refectory table from Paris 208c x 75c $1875. Six oak chairs, reproductions in the style of Louis XV, in oak, also from France $895 for six. And in the back an A shaped wine rack that holds ten dozen for $525. Two of these are available and you’ll
never guess what country they were made in. That’s right! Fabrique en France.


Front window 14th October

One Grays’ window last night incl one of two French armchairs,$1640 for two. A parquetry side table from the same country $825, and an Australian Blackwood side board from the Arts and Crafts period. $295. Until the advent of affordable colour photography we respectfully advise that the colours are pale blue, various browns from mid to light and dark brown respectively.