Imari Tall Vase Japanese Chinese Ceramic

Magnificent antique Imari coloured Japanese or possibly Chinese vase. While presenting well there has been previously repaired damage (please see photo).This vase would be from the 1800’s or earlier, and without the damage could command a price tag in the tens of thousands. Measuring 35 cm diameter at the base and 78 centimetres high. Price $590

Vases Japanese Imari Style Pair Two Antique China Ceramic Porcelain

From the late 19th century, a pair of baluster shaped vases with a fluted lip. The Imari colour scheme with it’s mix of reds, blues and whites, looks just as elegant today as it did 100 years ago. In that former world without planes or even cars.

Item Measurements

18 cm diameter and 36 cm high.

Price A$825