Antique Mahogany Dressing Table

In absolutely wonderful condition this 140 year old piece of furniture is in museum condition. Please note the detailed carving recorded in the photos. Even down to the original brass tooled wingnuts used to hold the adjustable mirror in the angle selected. Would look great in an antique or modern environment.

Price A$690

Item Measurements

120 cm wide x 58 cm deep and 165 cm high

Marble Top Coffee Table Carved Chippendale Style

A wooden coffee table incorporating a large section of removable marble. Each of the legs has been carved in the style made famous by Thos. Chippendale. This table is a reproduction probably made in the 1960/70 period. The stone top makes this a very elegant and at the same time practical table. Price A$470

Item Measurements

165 cms long x 66 cms wide and 50 cms high.