Leadlight Bookcase Tall Antique Display Cabinet

A tall and narrow antique bookcase with two leadlight glass doors above and two cupboards below.

This one piece unit is in good order however at the time of sale we are unable to open the lower cupboard which remains locked.

Item Measurements

115 cms wide x 36 cms deep and 218 cms hgh.



Oak Writing . Sold.

An English oak bookcase incorporating a leather topped writing table or desk with pigeon holes and drawer. This piece separates into two for transport and the base includes two large drawers. Definitely made in England, probably 1910 to 1930.

As previously mentioned in earlier posts, the small base size ( 40c x90c wide ) makes these desks suitable for the most compact rooms. Yet at two metres high it possesses many of the necessities of life. Bookcase, desk and storage below for papers or clothes.

Pray don’t be put off by the blocks under the front legs. Due to the ancient and wobbly nature of our lovely old Victorian shop, the main  i.e. most often walked on, part of the floor is about 2 centimetres lower than the bit next to the skirting board. This will not need lifters on a flat floor $865.