French Mahogany Armoire

From the late 1800’s and made in France. This mahogany wardrobe will effectively flat pack as the doors side and back come off and are reinstalled. Without tools! Recommended for bedrooms with tricky access like narrow staircases. $1390. Should last a few generations. Call us on 0396905557 or drop into the South Melbourne shop for more details.

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Dating Furniture

You can sometimes use clues like this to help arrive at the age of furniture.
The two oak planks in the top of this refrectory table from France have shrunk at different rates. The table appears to be from the 1600’s, however if that was the case we would expect this joint to be significantly more worn as it on the top and frequently touched by human hands. So we suspect tha the


the rsblr is more recent. However there
is definitely some age as these old  planks would have taken 50 to 100 years to shrink evenly but consistently in this fashion. So our guess, early 20th century, possibly a little later.