Lakeside window Saturday night

Antique cedar chest 1295, French mannequin  (previously illustrated) 630, size 8 leather coat  89



Armchair with turned legs and cedar chest of drawers. Both late 1800’s. Excellent useable order, almost perfect patina on the chest and sympathetic re upholstery on the armchair. $189 for one, and $890 for the other. Can you guess which is less expensive?


19th Century French Chest. Sold

19th Century French Chest

Particularly tall 19th century chest in the French style and featuring walnut veneer drawer fronts and top. The seven drawers (apparently, according to tradition) allow one to set out a whole weeks clothes day by day in individual drawers. Now while we can’t answer as to why Monday;s drawer is so much smaller than the others, we can state confidently that this system would allow an impressive state of sartorial organisation. $1320..

Now sold.