Sewing Box Table Embroidery Antique Mirror

A compact sewing box of European origin, featuring two lidded compartments above , the one on the right, sectioned into nine smaller units Another holding area below, protected by a sliding top, The top also including a mirror.

Some marks on the mirror and the suspended fabric storage below may require repair or replacement.

Item Measurements

63 cm wide x 34 cm deep and 72 cm high.

Price A$330

Modern Extension Table and 6 High Back Chairs

This one is really quite clever. A comfortable solid compact table in Tasmanian oak. With a very built in extension at each end. We may have led a sheltered life over the last 30 years in this game, but we had not previously encountered this method. Each end has a fold out (butterfly ) leaf that can be used independently. The table is very solid ( a good start for a robust entertaining life), and the fabric covered chairs are comfortable, clean and well sprung. Faults? A 0.5 cm bruise on one edge.


Price A$ 790

Item Measurements

Closed 90 cm x 120 cm x 77 (each leaf adds 42 cm).

Chairs standard height 46 cm.