Hall Stand Coat Rack Hallway Umbrellas

Antique hall stand of very unusual design, possibly missing a drip tray in the centre of the base. Sectioned into four in the middle. Brass hooks all around the top. Quite an effective use of small space for the storage of hats, umbrellas, sticks and coats. Measurements are 46 cm square and standing 205 cm high. The price is $390.

Bookcase Display Wooden Study Library Books Antique Vintage

This is our second example (at time of writing) of a bookcase composed of two antique pieces of furniture that sit together rather well but weren’t designed together originally. Two sliding doors covering compartments in the base 6 separate compartments. Above 2 glass doors, the book shelf compartment with infinitely adjustable shelving. Measurements 105 cm wide 53 cm deep and standing 240cm high at the top. Price is $390