Tansu Cabinet Japanese Korean Antique

Antique Japanese, or possibly Korean, two part tansu or cabinet. With 5 drawers and 2 compartments, it comes apart for transport without tools. Very well made with almost ideal colour one would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful or effective item for storage. Measurements are 96 cm wide 47 cm deep and standing 170cm high. Price $1,490.

Bookcase Display Wooden Study Record Vinyl Library Books Antique Vintage

This bookcase is a marriage of two antique pieces, the bottom compartment is fitted for records the top compartment with two glass doors and adjustable shelves could be used to store books or collectables. The base is 116 cm wide, 48 cm deep and stands 100 cm high. The overall height is 230 cm. The price is $490.

Now Sold. Japanese Korean Sideboard Pantry Kitchen Storage Hutch Pantry

Two piece Japanese pantry cupboard in cypress. The lower section with 10 drawers and with sliding doors opening to a compartment. Above, open shelves originally fitted with sliding doors now no longer present. Separates into two parts without tools for transport and is actually quite light. All drawers operate well. Measurements are 170 cm wide 45 cm deep and when assembled 174cm high Price $590