Reduced Dining Chairs Retro 1960 1970 Chiswell Teak Original

Six Chiswell dining chairs, four standard and two carvers with arms. Also from 1970, these still retain their authentic 50 year old fabric. Very rare and still in excellent shape. Measurements are 50 cm x 50 cm x 102 high. The price was $800, now $680 for six (6).

3 thoughts on “Reduced Dining Chairs Retro 1960 1970 Chiswell Teak Original

  1. Hello Steven, are the chairs still available for purchase?
    If yes I’ll make a payment n will contact you regarding about the delivery the dining table n these chairs as well!!
    Thanks heap Steven

    1. Hi Anthony, I appreciate these purchases, but feel there may be a slight risk of confusion. The chairs you refer to (the six Chiswell chairs) are still for sale. However, they were displayed with a different table from the one you have purchased. An extension table by Parker for $1,800. Please contact me by phone or text on 0410288883 so we can confirm we are holding the correct table for you. Regards Steven. The high back upholstered chairs originally displayed with your table are also still available. Regards Steven

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