Oil Painting Street Scene Paonorame R. Ghavelot

We can shed no light on this interesting and competent work from the 1950’s. What are your thoughts?

Notes. We may have misread the signature. On the reverse two things, the blob of paint in the upper left quarter is just that, and not a repair. Secondly there is some possibly later, biro writing on the back which may say “vieux Paris” . Was $980, now $200 off. Price A$780.

Georgian Chair Bedroom Slipper Nursing Grandmother Armchair

Re-upholstered sympathetically in a rich purple velvet this is a genuine early 1800’s chair with authentic bucket castors. Note also the studs around the top of the back and sides. An extremely rare example that would look good in a bedroom, library or lounge environment.Item Measurements70 cm x 75 cm x 90 cm high at the back.

Price. Now Sold