Day Couch Chaise longue Recliner Easy Chair Arm Chair TV Seating. Now Sold.

Pretty rare. Apparently by Dare Furniture. This lay back first class aircraft cabin style armchair has a modernist Italian look. Brushed aluminium metalwork and a very useful cocktail tray that could be used for wine or beer if the need is urgent. We feel the fabric is leather however we could stand to be corrected on that score. Whatever the covering, the material it is virtually unmarked.

Item Measurements

165 cm long x 63 cm wide and 85 cm high at the headrest.

Price A$690. Price Drop. Now $490.

Pair Two 2 Oak Carver Bridge Chairs

Two oak armchairs with barley sugar twist decoration and carved arms. Please note that the two drop in seat cushions are not identical. These would probably have been end chairs or carvers from an opulent dinner setting. Their shape makes them ideal also as bedroom, reading or desk chairs. In fact, for what it is worth, I am writing this from a similar chair right now.

Item Measurements

85 cm wide x 60 cm deep and 100 cm high at the back.

Price A$ 200 for two