Oak Desk Medieval Style French Antique

A very old solid oak desk in the medieval style, probably made in the mid to late 1800’s in Europe. Some repairs would help but are certainly not required for use. (some drawer handles are missing along with a small corner block at the rear left). Please see photographs. $790

Item Measurements.

145 cms widex 74 cms deep a

nd 80 cms high.


Leather Top Two Drawer Wooden Filing Cabinet

This beautifully made piece would enhance any home or office environment. Two conventional drawers with racks and a smooth action, and a drawers above. The topn finished with top quality leather and gold tooling. $220

Item Measurements

59 cms wide x 68 cms deep and 90 cms high

Hardwood Linen Pantry Food Storage Cabinet Tall

A very large (tall) cabinet made in Tasmanian oak and finished (sealed varnish) on both the inside and the outside.

Please note that once installed this would be an extremely long lasting and useful piece of furniture. We respectfully draw your attention to the dimensions, and suggest this piece is unlikely to fit through the doorway of smaller homes. $490

Item Measurements

99 cms wide, 49 cms deep and 216 cms high.