Tribal Artefacts

A collection of tribal items assembled during a period in PNG over 45 years ago. Plus one Australian bark painting. What follows is some  slightly vague description due to lack of familiarity with these items. 

From left to right. 

1/ Woven grass mask from PNG 90 cms long, some evidence of worn paint. $245

2/ Australian Aboriginal bark painting 37 cms $50. 

3/ Two woven cane masks, the larger 75 cms. PNG. $79 ea. 

4/ A carved story board from the Sepic River district. $150

5/ A painted mask from PNG, straw beard $195.  


Lakeside Window Monday 

A slate topped table (rectangular) on an iron base $89, round kitchen table to seat 4/6 $385 and 6 rush seated chairs $79 ea. the last two from 1980. Art nouveau (repro) light $99, Prices and other details at #antiques #vintagefurniture #retrofurniture #secondhandfurniture #melbournefurniture #antiquefurniture #life #decorate #home #living #melbourne #design #grays #antiquesmelbourne #antiquedecorate antique Ansonia clock in a cast iron body $195. Oh and a massive fishbowl for $59.