Christiania Style Bicycle

A barrow bicycle inspired by similar bikes popular in Northern Europe, and named after the town Christiania in Sweden.

Quite a handy thing. A gentleman with yellow glasses kindly called by the shop yesterday to show me his version. Very stylish in red and fitted with a rechargeable motor.

Goodbye, petrol, registration and insurance. But you do have to pay for the bike I guess. In this case $1125. Now reduced, as cyclists in winter need money for extra scarves. $1025. Now sold.




Writing Bureau, made in France.

A fantastic combination of elegance and practicality.
Built in France in the mid 1900’s from a design that dates from 200 years before that.
A bookcase ( lockable) for your most treasured volumes. A desk ( that’s always clear) for your paper and pens even (gasp) your laptop or notebook. And below two drawers for your favourite garments.