More reductions in books and music

Books and music ( mostly CDs ) are now reduced by 60%. That means a $9 album or book is now only $3.60. And a $5 item a tiny $2. How many Mars bars can you get for that sort of money. And you’ll have these items for ages. Whereas that chocolate bar, well no disrespect to chocolate, but for me, five minutes after I bought it, I am scrunching up the wrapper for the bin and speculating whether it was a good judgement call.
With books and music, a lifetime asset,
Even if its not to your taste, give it to a friend, sell it to shop, or act like the Guggenheims. And donate it to charity. Try doing that with a Cherry Ripe wrapper.
There my tenuous analogy with culture and confectionery ends.
Come down and check it out
Monday to Friday 10 to 5
Saturday 10 to 5
Sunday 1 to 5
We even have complimentary lollies. Hope Roald Dahl would approve.



The February Sale

Here we are, the twice yearly sale is on again. All books and CDs are 50% off. And the furniture is 25% off.
I know we shopkeepers have a bit of a reputation for, shall we say “knavery” and general roguish pricing, but things really are selling this month for less than ( we feel) they are worth.