Antique Cedar Table. Sold

An antique table from the late 1800’s with a tilt top mechanism that allows the top to tilt vertically while pivoting at it’s centre. This enables the table to be placed against the wall while at the same time displaying the fine cedar top to advantage. $395. Also available four dining chairs from the 1960’s, re-upholstered in a stylish chintz material $85 each. The two lamps are modern and are $29 each and the glass water jug was noted in an earlier post at $47


Bristol Blue Glass

A selection of blue glass in the shade referred to frequently as Bristol Blue. Probably the only one qualifying as an antique is tapered vase in the foreground which we would regard as over 100 years old as a result of thickness of the metal, and wear or scratches on the base. $58. The taller jug is from the 70’s and is $47. The bottle and jug are modern pieces at $6 and $17 respectively.
In the absence of the information marks found on china, often the only immediate clue to age will be the appearance of ground glass or wear on the base. Something only achieved by use over many years.
The glasses are resting on a marble topped coffee table by Parker from the late 70’s. The line that may appear in the photograph as a crack to the left of top is in fact a vein or grain in the marble. $245.


Summer Reading

There is always a selection of a few hundred novels from the 19th and 20th centuries. Here we have The works of Alfred Lord Tennyson $28, Roderick Random by Tobias Smollett $14, The Vivisector, Patrick White $3, Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens $15, John Updike, The Early Stories $9 and Ask The Dust by John Fante in The Black Sparrow edition with an introduction by Charles Bukowski $12.

The shop is open every day 10 to 5, closed on Sunday mornings ( just so we can do our hair ).


Oak Writing . Sold.

An English oak bookcase incorporating a leather topped writing table or desk with pigeon holes and drawer. This piece separates into two for transport and the base includes two large drawers. Definitely made in England, probably 1910 to 1930.

As previously mentioned in earlier posts, the small base size ( 40c x90c wide ) makes these desks suitable for the most compact rooms. Yet at two metres high it possesses many of the necessities of life. Bookcase, desk and storage below for papers or clothes.

Pray don’t be put off by the blocks under the front legs. Due to the ancient and wobbly nature of our lovely old Victorian shop, the main  i.e. most often walked on, part of the floor is about 2 centimetres lower than the bit next to the skirting board. This will not need lifters on a flat floor $865.



Old Trunks in Steel and Wood

A selection of large boxes of a certain age.
At the bottom a steel travelling trunk from the 50’s 92 x 62 x 30 $98.
In the middle a military unit from around the 40’s. 86 x 55 x 32. Opens fine and purpose built to be strong, however one lock has been forced. $79.
The light grey one is wooden and from the late 1800’s. 84 x 40 x 32 $189. It is one of three wooden trunks in stock.
And on the very top not a trunk at all, but a butter churn for turning cream into butter with interior paddles, handle and butter pat (and lots of elbow action). $97.


Happy New Year.

We re-open today with normal hours. Hope everyone had a relaxing Christmas and have an interesting year in prospect for 2014.
Our first offering for this year is an eight drawer filing box from the 1930’s. Now sold. At that time these would have contained hundreds of index cards with client details. All carefully filed in alphabetical order. Ahh, old days. If you wish to see see this vintage paperwork system still operating there’s no need to go to the Melbourne Museum or even Scienceworks, just pop by the shop. We still use one. $149.