Brass Pots

Two interesting large pots made of brass and probably Japanese. The first on a wooden stand and containing a bed of sand, and a ceramic stand and teapot. Intended for a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. $385.
The second a more recent planter or water pot, also in heavy gauge brass. $79.


Antique Couch. Sold

From a well known city jazz club , this comfortable couch is from the later part of the 1800’s. the mahogany frame is in good condition. The springing is sound and there are two or three tears in the upholstery that have been loosely stitched up. $445.


Lakeside Window. September 14. Table sold.

A collection of interesting looking red food tins from Belgium. $59 to $239. A red lacquer table in the oriental style with exposed wood along the corners. $399. Two Chinese bedside tables that are taller than normal, each fitted with a drawer. This photo makes them look reddish, but they are in fact mid brown and are $179 each.Image

Farmhouse Table. Sold.


From Connecticut in the U.S., this antique country style table is over 100 years old. Made in pine, it is fitted with a drawer at one end and would seat six to eight people. $445. Also displayed part of a large collection of enamel ware seconds made in Europe. We normally only get this range twice a year and the latest delivery arrived yesterday (Saturday). Prices range from $6 to rarely more than $20.

Mink Coat. Sold.

Remodelled in the 60’s this genuine mink was made by Williams of Kew “Furs of Distinction” possibly in the 50’s.

At the time this cosy garment probably cost as much as the deposit on a modest house in that suburb.  The ravages of depreciation have left the house unaffected, however the coat is now a mere $195. Actual colour is darker.Image