Ottomans, footstools.

IMG_1114Two well made pieces. The larger has a hinged lid and contains secret bounty, half a dozen bottle green cushions. There are a couple of small paint marks on the fabric so the price is now down from $60 to $45 (and you don’t have to take the cushions).

The other , a footstool, no compartment . In it’s place a feather filled, large cushion on a sturdy base. also reduced from $60 to $45.

Dressing Chest and Mirror 1933 ( or 1937). Now Sold.

This mirror and four drawer chest were made in 1933. We are confident of this because the owner said, and we quote ” I received this on my 9th birthday and I am now 89 years old.” How touching, firstly her frankness about her age and then the poignant image of this lovely 89 year old on her 9th birthday. Much cause for reflection.

It was only later that we sort of had the rug pulled out from under our feet. While she helped load the chest for transport ( and she did help, by insisting on carrying the drawers down herself), her daughter referred to the fact that she was in fact about to celebrate her 93rd birthday. Temporarily nonplussed we ┬áregarded her again . She simply looked at us with her open and disarming smile and no further discussion or clarification seemed appropriate. ┬áSo in addition to being just transported back to the 1930’s (understandably I cant say exactly which year) we leave with the empowering knowledge that you can still be a bit naughty at ninety.

Was $280, now $210 for both.

Grays Sale finishes Saturday 31st August.Image