Sold. French extension dining table.

Parquetry oak topped French dining table with two leaves that pull out at either end creating a true 10 seater table. The existing top is a pretty standard 140 cms x 90 cms, and extending the draw out leaves will increase that to 240 x 90. There is a small area on top where the varnish has worn off, however overall it is excellent condition for finish and strength. The contrasting inlays on top have an attractive warm glow and the carving on the legs and skirt are also a feature. The rush seated oak framed chairs shown here are $98 dollars each for a set of six.

Note: Wasn’t too sure about the parquetry, marquetry distinction so i have looked it up and found that this is indeed parquetry as it is composed of geometric shapes like lozenges and triangles. Apparently marquetry work comprises curved or organic forms.Thanks to Wikipedia for that



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