August Sale starts Thursday 1st

It’s that time again.

Every six months we get a bit giddy, and everything in the shop is reduced by 25%. No exclusions, sub clauses, or fine print. Go straight to the head of the queue, mates rates, frequent flyer points, platinum card. All of that. Til the end of the month or until sold out. OK I’ll be honest option B has never happened. Who knows this time.

Our hours are 10 to 5 Monday to Saturday,  and 1 to 5 Sunday.Image


City Side window 30th July. Rugs, vases, horse and cabinet sold

Displaying; Oriental side cabinet  japanned  with red highlights, ideal as TV stand with storage below. Sitting on top is a scientific scale in glass case with a full set of weights in separate fitted box. One glazed panel is damaged but repairable. $595. Above these, a metal horse from India. Now sold. Two vases from West Germany for $47. a Pre Raphaelite print by Waterhouse $49. On the floor to the right and assortment of Persian style rugs. $130 to $500.Image

Lakeside Window 21st July 2013. Medical cabinet sold

An interesting reporter’s desk in English oak and dating back close to 100 years to the 1920’s $385. On top a reproduction medical cabinet with one glass shelf and lock, Equally useful for scientific instruments, fragile models or a tray of vanilla slices. You really need that security lock for the last suggestion $238.Now sold. Also visible is a large waste paper basket from France $149 (originally for harvesting potatoes) and an even larger silver framed mirror for $445. The cream coloured Planet lamp is $189 and perhaps rarest of all is the Japanese ice shaver from the late 1800’s for $790. Images

Half Round Card Table. Sold

This semi circular card table folds open to reveal a round green baize playing surface. The rear legs move and angle out on two wooden hinges at 45 degrees. When set up all the four legs are equidistant ( hope all those angles add up to 360 degrees) and provide a stable games table. Of course it could also be used for Monopoly or dominoes.We believe the piece to have been made in the1950s and there is an elegant Sheraton look about those square tapered legs. $142Image.

There are a couple of small holes in the baize and a patch of white visible in this photograph.and this gives me the opportunity to mention Graeme Browne’s shop in Malvern Road, Toorak. For many years this has been the “go to” place for restorers of furniture. They have a vast array of handles, wooden and brass, veneers, shellac flakes, key blanks, escutcheons (those little brass shapes around a keyhole) plus heaps more. It is just worth going to look around. Anyway we called just now, enquiring about green baize. Well they didn’t have it. But that’s ok, because they suggested we could check with Alcock’s the billiard people for the material. And then they recommended a Mr Steve Houghton of Hawthorn for the fitting.. That’s why they’ve been first stop for many of us hunting for a hard to get component or service. Browne’s have been going for over 30 years to our knowledge.

Antique Oak Wardrobe. Sold

A substantial two door oak wardrobe or cupboard from Northern Europe, possibly Germany or France. It is rare not just for age but in that it also has the ability to be easily carried up a spiral staircase to loft or garret accommodation. In most English and Australian wardrobes the top and bottom are detachable. However in this case the doors, sides and back also come off. When that is done without tools it is doubly remarkable.  How many times this has been done since the 1880’s when this cabinet was made, we couldn’t say. $445. The interior can be hanging or shelves as a result of some later alterations.Image.