A pleasant distraction

A pleasant distraction

One can’t fail to be impressed by this leafy haven. In the grounds of the Ministry of Housing high rise tower at 332 Park Street South Melbourne, this amazing tranquil garden has been created by the tenants.
We are certain that less than three years ago this place was merely parched grass. Now this. When one considers tranquil environment also provides fruit and vegetables for the table it is hard not to be inspired. <IMG_0611/p>

19th Century French Chest. Sold

19th Century French Chest

Particularly tall 19th century chest in the French style and featuring walnut veneer drawer fronts and top. The seven drawers (apparently, according to tradition) allow one to set out a whole weeks clothes day by day in individual drawers. Now while we can’t answer as to why Monday;s drawer is so much smaller than the others, we can state confidently that this system would allow an impressive state of sartorial organisation. $1320..

Now sold.

Dressmaker’s dummies 1900 to 1970

Dressmaker's dummies 1900 to 1970

I have invited three friends around, lovely types, they find my stories rivetting, don’t eat much. And drink even less.
On the left a Singer adjustable, made in England and a mere snip at $148. On the right a more industrial (industrious) version with a wooden collar and tubular steel legs.$440. In the centre, the tallest and definitely from a fine finishing school, with wooden collar, and legs! $585