Arts and crafts Sideboard

Photos 30.03.13 006

A rather unusual small sideboard, hall cupboard or even tv/hifi stand in English oak. It is 100cms wide and 46 cms deep. There is a 1mm gap between two of the three top planks that is not shown in this photograph. Standing at just under a metre high the choice of timber and brass work are all trademarks of this somewhat oddly named period of English inspired furniture. Commonly regarded as stemming originally from the workshops of William Morris in the late 1800’s, the pieces are an attempt to recreate the qualities of the artisan work of the Elizabethan period. Hence the use of English oak and substantial brass or iron metalwork. Sadly or perhaps romantically it was not a great commercial success as the standard of work and materials often resulted in relatively high retail prices. That would be in comparison to the factory produced items of the (by that time) well established Industrial Age.
It seems a little tawdry in light of all that to mention money. Nonetheless may we mention that $245, is the amount required here.

Farmhouse Table

Photos 30.03.13 007

Antique baltic pine farmhouse table with drawer for cutlery or napery. Very strong frame and top, would suit four to six people. Probably made around 1900, the actual colour is a little darker than it appears in this photo $395. The top is 140 cms x 85 cms, and the height is the standard 76 cms. It is our experiece that most tables are 76 cms (30 inches) high and similarly most chairs are 46 cms (18 inches) high. Often when a table is 4 or 5 cms too short inspection under the leg will show evidence that a castor or wheel has been removed. tell tale signs are a drilled central hole of about 5mm (for a pin),or 3 or four smaller holes that would show where the castor plate was screwed. Should you wish to bring the table up to the correct height fitting the wheels is often a fairly straightforward job. For many years now Graeme Brown,s in Toorak have had an extensive range of good quality reproduction castors. After all that we should note that this is a table that was never fitted with castors,

Antique table and chairs 14th May

Antique table and chairs 14th May

A mahogany round table of approximately 1200mm diameter and standing 770mm high. Made around the turn of the last century the base is elegantly carved and ends with three paw feet over castors.The top tilts flat easily enabling the unused table to be placed to one side of the room but still affording the fine view of the patina and grain visible in the table top. $590.00. The four balloon back dining chairs are from the same period and have been resprung and recovered in a good quality brown velvet. $390 for the four.

Substantial cedar sideboard. 14th May

Substantial cedar sideboard. 14th May

truly magnificent cedar, mirror backed sideboard standing over 2400mm high, 2200 wide and approximately 700mm deep. Made around 1870 this piece is believed to have originally been in the United Kingdom. The timber colour is that most sought after mellow lighter brown with excellent grain. Mirror is also in surprisingly good condition for the age and appears original. Originally we were seeking $3900 for this one of a kind piece. That figure has recently been revised down to $2900.

Cityside window 5th May

Cityside window 5yh May

Here you can see an early Edwardian chaise longue with some fine carving and very sound upholstery from a private home in St Vincents Place,$590. Behind that two French pieces, a marble and brass standard lamp that we have featured on an earlier post, and a substantial book or display cabinet from the same country. Both these French items are from the 1950’s, however the cabinet has many of the hallmarks of a much earlier date with sawtooth shelf supports, an armoire style crested top and period veneers and brassware. The bookcase is $1780 and the standard lamp $510. The picture also shows a large Victorian fire screen for$195.

The Lakeside window 5th May

The Lakeside window 5th May

An architect designed table for a Middle Park home. $590, the top is 85 cms x 180 cms and you could seat eight. Behind the large painting is by Kim Kennedy from the 1990’s. We are not too sure of the manufacturer of the six leather chairs. They are in excellent order.